Invest in forex with 1, Как заработать в Forex Investments

The turnover is more than 4 trillion Dollars per day and this number is more than any other market. Forex is intended for buying and selling different global currencies, which are paired into single trading instruments. For example, the Euro vs.

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One of the currencies is a good, the other one is a tool for paying for this good. The profit form trading is gained due to the currency exchange rate change to one of the directions as the time goes by.

One can trade on Forex even without significant investments, because most of the brokers provide traders with access to trading with the leverage. Thanks to this, traders can perform trading operations that involve bigger amounts of money than they actually have on their accounts.

invest in forex with 1

The leverage may increase the profit a trader receive from transactions, but at the same time it may increase their losses as well. Minimize What currency pairs are better for trading on Forex?

As a rule, they are less active than majors, but may sometimes behave quite surprising while being traded.

invest in forex with 1

Exotics are low-liquid pairs with large spread, movements of which are not easy to forecast. Several criteria may influence the choice of currency pairs for trading: The pair must be easily analyzed and forecasted, while force-majeure risks must be dialed down.

Consideration must be given to the time for trading.

invest in forex with 1

Every trader chooses trading instruments based on their trading strategies, invest in forex with 1, and attitude to risks. Minimize Your funds are fully secured when you trade with RoboForex.

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